VandaCare Mobile Module (Android)



We have developed a mobile application running on Android OS for collecting and optionally for processing purposes the reading data from blood pressure, glucose, temperature meter, weight scale, cardio, oxygen meter devices.

The following are information of the devices which use for development:

  • Clever Chek TD-3250 Blood Glucose plus Blood Pressure Monitoring System Model No: TD-3250
  • Omron Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Model BP7921T(HEM-7081-ITZ)
  • Cardio Care ECG/EKG Recorder DigiO2 Model No: ECG-101/102
  • HemOxi Care DigiO2
  • FORA W310/W320 Weight Scale
  • Finding, connecting and pairing with remote device via Bluetooth.
  • Non blocking reading specified number of reading data.
  • Generate simple and basic chart for collected data with panning and zooming capabilities.
  • Query device information (Serial number, number of storage and system clock).
  • Save data on handset storage for transferring to other system for further processing and analytical purposes.
  • Ability to connect to multiple device types.
  • Two ways synchronization with backend system, so it can be used as portable personal medical record.


As the system required Bluetooth and Internet Connection, Please make sure that the Bluetooth and 3G/Wifi switched ON.


A VandaCare account is required to gain access to the Vandacare system.
    1. After installing VandaCare, run Vandacare application.

    2. Click on “Register” button to register your Vandacare user account.

    3. There are 2 types of account: Personal Account and Group Account. The Group account for a group of member, like one family. They can access with same account for their member account.
    a. Select as “Personal” when Register as personal account.

    b. Select as “Group” when registering as group account.


After you have user name on personal or group, you can login in VandaCare Applications. Enter your user name and password and then click Sign in.



    1. Click “Devices” menu
    2. There are 2 tabs. Paired Devices and Non Paired Devices

Paired Devices is the list for the paired Bluetooth Device. Non Paired Devices is the list fo the unpaired Bluetooth Device.

    2a. if you’re device doesn’t appear at the list both Lists. Click “Scan” Button to scan for active bluetooth devices.
    2b. after you scan the Bluetooth Connection, the devices information will be show under “Non Paired Devices”. Click the Bluetooth Device information and click to make pairing.
    2c. if the devices are paired. The Bluetooth device information will be move to “paired Device” tab.
    2d. Select the Paired Devices that you want to connect. The selected device will be show on the top.


    1. Click “Reading” menu
    2. Click “Read Device” menu
    3. Select how many data that you want to read then click ‘Read Data” button.
    4. Make sure that the Bluetooth Connection at the device during reading is turning ON. After finished the reading, the system will be show in the list.

By default all the data are selected. Click the row of the data if you want to unselect the data. Click “Confirm” button if you want to continue the process.


    1. Under Reading page, To start sending the confirmed data to the Vandacare website. Press the “menu” button from your phone. Then press “Synchronize”
    2. Data List Have Been Synchronize To Website will be given a mark with green icon


The function Remote Data to collect data from VandaCare Website to Vandacare Android Application.

    1. Under Reading page, to collect the data Vandacare website. Press the “menu” button from your phone. Then press “Remote Data”.
    2. Select the period of the data want to remote. The Click “Load Data”.


    1. Under Reading page, to show the chart of the data. Press the “menu” button from your phone. Then press “Chart”.


Press the "menu" button on your phone on the Dashboard then click log out

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