Vanda Auto Update Configuration Setup Guide

Auto Update
Client PC installation.

This auto update is to trigger update check every 1 hour from the Client Server.
Required .Net framework 4.5.2 installed on PC.
Get AgentDeploy.0505 folder from developer.
Configure on User PC
Copy the folder to desired location (*cannot be moved).
• Open ‘Vanda.UpdateService.AgentApp.exe’
• Edit the highlighted as the location path of Vanda in the particular computer
• UpdateSiteBaseAddress as ‘http://<computer name>:<port number>/’
• Run CMD as administrator.
• Change location to the AgentDeploy folder path, execute ‘installservice’.
• Ensure the service runs and says completed.
• To confirm, go to Services and ensure ‘Vanda Client Update Agent’ is running

1. Stop the ‘Vanda Client Update Agent’ service from running.
2. Run CMD as administrator, go to the AgentDeploy folder path, execute ‘uninstallservice’
3. Remove AgentDeploy folder

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