For this tutorial, we will be using the remote variant. Do take note that there isn’t any difference in the setup as they are still using FS 21.
After inserting the 3G/4G USB modem, the status on the display will change from Local to Network. This process usually takes about 30 to 60 seconds.
Once the status displays as Network, it means that the device is connected to the internet and the syncing process from the device to our server and then to CTMS is real-time.

To enter into the Admin panel of the device, hold the ENT button. After 3 seconds it will prompt the user for the admin pin. We have set this pin to the same as the pin for your master card.

In this instance, the admin pin is 123456.
Enter PIN No.
Upon a successful authentication of pin, users will see the following screen.
Add Users
To access user management, simply click on #2 – User Admin. This administrative feature will allow you to add, delete and verify users. These are the functions that is mostly used for CTMS.

To add a new user, click on #1 – Add User.
Next, click on #1 – Add User again.
Input a User ID. For CTMS, this will be referring to the worker’s ID. In this demo, we will be using 123.
Press ENT. Enter a group ID. 0 is the default group ID.
Press ENT. Set Security level to 3. 3 is the maximum.
Press ENT. Input 0 for Ordinary User. All CTMS account uses 0.
Press ENT. Input Finger ID. Since CTMS requires 3 fingerprint samples, we would recommend leaving it at 0.
Press ENT. Input the no. of samples. As per mentioned earlier, set to 3.
Press ENT. Next follow the sequence of what appears on the screen. We would advise you to use 2 fingers from one hand and 1 finger from the other. This is to safeguard your choices to use when using device.
Put your 1st finger of choice on the reader.
When prompted, put your 2nd finger.
And lastly, put your 3rd finger.
*Alternatively, you can do 3 samples with 1 finger with slight different angle and position.
Delete User
To delete a user, go back to the user management. To delete a user, select #2 – Delete User.
Enter the User ID that you would like to delete. Press ENT.
Select All to delete all 3 finger samples and press ENT.

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