2. Vanda Workflow

Patient Registration
How to add a new patient?
To add a new Patient, use the following methods:
  • Click Patient Registration in Menu Toolbar or
  • Click Patient Task Panel. Click Patient Management in Task Pane Command. Right-Click Frame Editor, then Click Register New Patient or
  • Click Patient Management on Menu bar. Choose Register new Patient
  • Fill in the necessary fields in the General Info tab in Patient Registration Editor. It is the default view for Patient Registration Editor. Fields in yellow are compulsory; else not being able to proceed. SalutationLanguageRaceDialectCompanyConsult Doctor and Branch can be defined in Master Data
  • To add a photo of the patient, just click on the box
  • In the 3rd Party Info, fill in the necessary fields under Claim Info. Fields under Company Address will be automatically displayed after linking a company in the general tab
  • The Physical Facts tab will contain information for Patient Blood typeSmoking intensity (if applicable) and Alcohol Consumption (if applicable) 
  • The Allergic Drug tab contains information for patient’s drug allergy. To add drug to the allergy list, click AddSelect or type in Drug Name. User can write a remark with regards to allergy (if any)
  • Click Save to Save and Cancel to cancel progress
  • To edit, Select the drug from the list and click Edit button
  • To delete the Allergy drug of the patient, click Delete
  • Drug Allergy will be displayed on the Patient Tag Information when the patient is in the queue
  • The Referral Doctor tab allows user to archive the referral doctor for every patient. User may select the Referral TypeIn or Out
  • Click Add button to add the referral doctor of the patient
  • Doctors can be added from Master Data
  • Click Save button to add referral doctor and Click Cancel to cancel progress 
  • To edit, select the referral doctor from the list and click Edit button
  • To delete from list of Referral doctor, select the record and click Delete
  • The Next-of-Kin tab allows user to add the Next-of-Kin of the patient
  • Click Add button to add. Fill in the necessary information in the fields provided
  • Relationship can be added from Master Data
  • Click Save button to add and Click Cancel to cancel progress 
  • To edit, select the Next-of-Kin from the list and click Edit button
  • To delete from list of Next-of-Kin, select the record and click Delete
  • Once done, click on Save to commit changes. Else click on Cancel to go back to the previous screen. You may also click on Add to Queue to add the newly created patient to the queue.


How to add an existing Patient to the queue?

  • To add an existing patient to the queue, click on Patient Search
  • Patient Quick Picker is a standard module across all versions for users to call upon previous registered patients 

  • Click File Menu >> Show Patient Picker or press F10 to open up the Quick Picker window. Users can also click on the Patient Search shortcut located on the main window of Vanda Clinical Management System

  • Select an option to search for patient (by namecase card no. or Identification no.) and input the necessary keywords into the field provided

  • Select a doctor from the list. Usually, the doctor is based on the doctor in the clinic for that particular day or in some clinics, the specialist or GP who attends to the patient's issues

  • Select visiting purpose and type in any remarks if necessary

  • Click Add to Queue to add patient to the queue, Details to view patient's information, Select to add patient without adding to queue and Cancel to cancel


How to add clinical notes?

To access Clinic Data, use the following methods:

  • Click Patient Task Panel. Click Clinic Data in Task Pane Command
  • Click Patient Management on Menu bar. Select Clinical Data >> Clinical Data Management Home
  • Right-click patient queue editor, select Clinical Data >> Clinic Data Management Home
  • Clinical Data Entry page is shown as default. 
  • The doctors are able to key in or write the clinical notes for the patient in this module. To add a new clinical data, click on the New button.
  • Once done, click on Save. Authorized user can also delete clinical notes by clicking Void button.
  • The Digital files tab in Clinical Data allows users to add in before and after photos to do a comparison.

How to dispense medication and services for a patient?

Once done with the clinical data, users are able to dispense the medication and services.

  • To access Dispensary, do one of the following:

    • Select Billing and Payment Pane and click on Dispensary


  • To start dispensing drugs,
    • Dispensary Editor and select Dispense Drug
  • Click Task , Select Dispense Drug or
  • Press hotkey F3
  • Fill in the necessary information in Drug Item Editor. (Drug CodeDrug NamePrecautionDosageFrequencyInstructionIndication,Quantity, etc)
  • Click OK to save the dispensing drug
  • Or click Cancel button to exit drug item editor.
  • The Drugs dispensed will be reflected under the Unbilled Drugs Editor
  • Vanda will automatically group the unbilled drugs by Service Type (if applicable). This is done under Inventory Master Data
  • After which, user will have an option, Completed, to indicate to the nurse on duty that he/she is done with prescribing the drugs for the patient, and that the nurses can prepare the necessary drugs
  • To dispense Service item, Right-click Dispensary Editor and select Add Service Item
  • Click Task , Select Add Service Item or
  • Press hotkey F7
  • Add in the Service Item
  • Click on OK to commit changes
  • Once confirmed, go to Task and click on Bill or F4 to do Billing

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