Vanda Stock Count Procedure

  Vanda Stock Count Procedure              
Purpose To prevent any discrepancy of the stock balance for the clinic.            
  To audit the stock transaction created in the system.              
Step 1 One of the secretaries or account clerk will partner with one of the nurses to do the stock checking.    
  Before the stock count, the stock list report will have to printed out from computer software by authorised staff.  
Step 2 The nurses who do the stock count will have to record the actual balance of drug and indicate it at the stock list.  
  If the stock amount is tally with actual amount, she will mark as tick on the list, like "√ ".      
  If the stock amount does not tally with actual amount, she will then write down the actual stock amount beside the stock amount.
Step 3 After finishing stock count, the nurses will have to do the stock investigation for any discrepancies of stock amount.  
  They should print a copy of "Drug Dispensing Detail" which record the drug movement.         
Step 4 If the discrepancies  due to any reason, the user can act accordingly.          
  User will check through "Daily Dispensing Detail" and its relavent detail.          
Step 5 After confirming that the drug difference need to be adjusted, user will have to do data entry in "Drug Adjustment" .  
  so that the difference can be balanced off with physical balance .            
  After the drug balance tally with the physical balance, a copy of "Daily Dispensing Detail" will be printed out for future reference.
Step 6  A copy of final stock balance will be printed for doctor to sign off. It will be then file for future reference.    
  ( If the computer stock balance does not tally with physical stock count balance,        
  nurses and secretaries will have to increase the frequency of stock count, like once every week or once every 2 weeks.)  

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