How to Register and Book Queue Online.

How to register patient?
  • To add a new online patient, use the following methods:
  • Fill in the necessary fields in the general Info tab in patient registration editor.
  • The password must to more than 8 digits.
How to change Password?
  • Click the change the password.
  • Then modify password.
If you forgot your password, follow these steps to reset your password:
Click 'Forgot Password?'.
​Enter the registered email address.
Check your email for a password reset email.
Click on the URL provided in the email and enter a new password.
Once Registered done,Log in the Patient Registration.
Fill in the necessary fields in the General Info tab in Patient Profile Editor. It is the default view for Patient Profile Editor.
Assessment process for patient.
  • Fill up self assessment.
  • Sign off concent form.
After you commit the form, the form was send to clinic for reviewing, please be patient till clinic take response.
How to check the patient waiting no.
  • Patient Management >> Patients Queue Home
How to approve online registration patient?
  • Use the following methods:
  • Click online registration, select unapproved patient, then click approve.
How to online queue?
  • To add a new online queue, use the following methods:
  • ​Select clinic name,then click booking.
  • It can add notes before making an booking.
How to check queue history?
  • Use the following methods:
How to Edit Profile info?
  • ​Click Profile info.
Edit Profile info.
​How to check Assessment info?
How to check Consent Form?
About workflow as below:

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