To qualify for membership
When patient spends a single receipt amount equal to $500 or more (for service items (packages) only), System will automatically register the patient as a member in Vanda.
500 points – classic member
10000 points – prestige member (points will multiply by 1.2 times)
25000 points – elite member (points will multiply by 1.4 times)
Each membership point entry has a validity of 1 year (365 days)
$510.60 is equal to 511 points. (round off nearest dollar)
To redeem loyalty points
User is required go to loyalty website and register as a new member and login once to activate membership.
  • User can view history records and information.
  • User can redeem points for vouchers. Voucher will be sent to user’s email. User will then print out voucher to use at outlet.

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