The system will listed the Date of Birth when received data from Vanda application. And will scheduled automatically send the birthday voucher to the member email at the first for the month automatically. But if there is new data come in the middle of the month, as long as the birthday month still within in the month, system will send it automatically.
Voucher Code: This voucher code generated automatically by the system
Voucher Year: This voucher year related with when the voucher issued
Date of birth: Member date of birth.

Scheduled date: the date when the voucher will be send.

Delivery Status: The delivery voucher status. “Pending” means system hasn’t delivered. “Delivered” means system already deliver the voucher, “Error” means that system failed send the voucher (usually it is because the related member doesn’t have email address”

Delivery Date: Date when system delivered. (None) mean the system hasn’t delivered. The delivery status is pending
Birthday Voucher can send manually when it needed:
  • Go to Rewards -> Birthday Voucher
  • Click “ Add Birthday Voucher”
  • Entry the related data and save

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