This member page for those member data come from Vanda system.
There are 2 statuses for each member:
  • Accept Email. It will show as green if the related member registered in Vanda with agreed to Accept the email
  • Member activated. Red icon mean related member haven’t registered on the website system. The green icon mean that related member registered on the website.
In order need to search the user data, do the following:
  • On the left of “User Listing”. There is search feature
  • On the search field. You can key in any information that related with member. Example the “ Member User Name” like 7735462
  • Or we can filter the listing “by staff status” or “by superuser status” or “ by active”
Each time Vanda sends the member information. The system will create the member information for “Member Page” and “User Page”. The purpose to accommodate if member haven’t registered to the website, Vanda system still able to update the point at the website.

In case there is problem with the website. Example Vanda application already sent the member information. But Vanda cannot update the point. Kindly do the following:
  • Check whether the member already inside “Member Page”.
  • Check whether the member already inside “User Page”. If found the related member haven’t inside the User Page. Kindly do the following:
    • Open the related member at “Member Page”
    • Change the member “status” from “Pending To Created”
    • Check at “User Page” whether the related member is in there.
    • If the member inside at “User Page”, Go to “Member Page” and change back the “status” from “ Created to Pending”

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