Vanda Support Renewal/Reinstatement

What is Vanda's Annual Maintenance Agreement policy?

Vanda perpetual licenses include a one year annual maintenance agreement, which guarantees access to new releases, product updates including new features, bug fixes, and technical support at no additional charge. After the first year, the policy renewal is the most cost-effective option to stay abreast with the latest technology and get technical support.

For example, if a new Vanda license is purchased on September 1, 2013, support will expire on August 31, 2013. During this time, the customer can submit tickets and install any updates at no additional charge. With Magicsoft’s maintenance coverage, customers will always have access to the latest features and fixes.



The renewal rate is 25% of the license list price if renewed within a year of initial purchase or by the end of grace period deadline. Customers who wishes to extend after the grace period deadline will require to pay the full amount of the license list price.



Purchase of an Annual Maintenance Agreement covers:

  • Free version updates
  • Free technical support. Support is provided by TeamViewer, phone, fax, e-mail or live chat.

Does annual maintenance automatically renew?

No. Magicsoft will contact customers well ahead of their expiration date, and a number of automatic messages are sent out with varying frequency reminding customers of their upgrade protection expiration date and how to renew. Magicsoft makes every effort to notify customers of their renewal date so that they can take advantage of the significant savings available.

Also, Vanda runs on perpetual license. Thus we do not enforce but encourage our customers to renew their annual maintenance contract with Magicsoft.  

I have current annual maintenance coverage. How do I upgrade my software to the latest version?

If you have current annual maintenance coverage, Magicsoft's technical support staffs will liaise with you.

How do I extend/renew my annual maintenance?

Customers can renew their annual maintenance up to 60 days after their current coverage expires, ensuring continuous coverage for an additional 12 months at only 25% of the new product price.

NOTE: Magicsoft does not offer auto-renewals for upgrade protection.

My annual maintenance support has expired. How do I reinstate annual maintenance coverage? 

Magicsoft takes annual maintenance seriously. Reinstatements to customers whose upgrade protection coverage has expired for 100% of the new product price. Upgrade protection reinstatements allow the customer to upgrade to the most recent version of the product and include 12 months of upgrade protection coverage at no additional charge.

Because reinstatements are priced much higher than renewals, it is generally more cost effective to maintain current annual maintenance and remain on the latest version than to allow upgrade protection coverage to expire and then reinstate later.

NOTE: Renewals made after the annual maintenance period will revert to the original expiration date

Will Magicsoft still provide support if my annual maintenance has expired and not intending to renew/reinstate? 

Magicsoft reserves the rights to deny support to customers who has yet to reinstate the annual maintenance support contract to protect Magicsoft's best interest.


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