How to access Purchase Invoice?

To access purchase invoice home, use the following methods:
  • Click Inventory Task Panel. Click Purchase Invoice in Task Pane Command
  • Click Purchase Invoice Menu and click Purchase Search Form
  • To create new purchase invoice. Do one of the following:
    • Click Task Button, Select New Purchase Invoice
    • Right-click, Select New Purchase Invoice
    • Select Inventory Menu, Select Purchase Invoice, click New Purchase Invoice
  • Insert the necessary information for Purchase Invoice (Supplier, Purchase Invoice No, Date)
  • To key in purchase item details, double click on Item ID. Choose the purchase item. Update the quantity and unit price. Click the Check box (Expire Date) and select expire date
  • To remove the purchase item details, select the item and click Remove button
  • Click Save and Close to save the purchase invoice document. Or click Cancel and Close to cancel saving the document
  • Using the Search capabilities embedded to the Purchase Invoice home, do the following:
    • Select Search Criteria (Search For and Criteria)
    • Select date range if search by Date Range is selected
    • or Select by Vendor if the search is intended for a particular vendor
    • Click on Search
  • Select Purchase Invoice in Purchase Invoice Document Editor, do the following:
    • Click Invoice No
    • Click Task button, select Edit Purchase Invoice
    • Right-click mouse, select Edit Purchase Invoice
    •  or Select Inventory Menu, Select Purchase Invoice and Click Edit Purchase Invoice
  • Update necessarily and click Save and Close
  • To delete, do the following:
    • Use keyboard's delete function
    • Click Task button, select Delete Purchase Invoice
    • Right-click mouse, select Delete Purchase Invoice
    •  or Select Inventory Menu, Select Purchase Invoice and Click Delete Purchase Invoice
  • Click Yes to proceed with deleting

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