How to use Consent Form?
  • Authorized user can access the feature by either clicking on the side panel Patient & Billing Management >> Patient Consent Form
  • Users are able to do away with paper as Vanda allows users to create and customize consent/indemnity forms for patients to fill up before proceeding with any procedures and also make use of signature pads that allows electronic signature 
  • Before utilizing the signature feature, user must either possess a tablet or signature pad that is compatible with Vanda
  • Patient Consent Form allows user to add, edit and delete Consent Form Templates
  • Click Add to add new template
  • Click Edit to edit existing template
  • or Click Delete to delete existing template
  • The signature module has a selection of either Tablet or Wacom Signature Pad
  • When using the tablet signing, the signature appears in blue until the Accept button is clicked – which it will be reverted to black upon saving
  • Users can then Reset or Clear the signature if there is a need to recapture signature again
  • Once done, user can save the consent form by clicking on Save. Users can also click on Preview to see the outlook of the report with signature before clicking on Print to print out the form
  • The saved form will appear under Consent List upon populated

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