How to access to Psychiatric Observation?

  • Click on Nursing Review Task Panel and select Psychiatric Observation


  • This is the overview of Psychiatric Observation. User can view a list of inmates admission. User can use filter inmate to view only the specific inmate. User can also add and void observation.



  • To filter inmate, key in the keyword or the name of the inmate then click Filter.


How to add/void observation in Psychiatric Observation?

  • To add observation in psychiatric observation, select the specific  admission
  • On the right corner of the psychiatric observation, right click and select Add Observation



  • The observation window will pops out
  • Set the date and time, key in the observation required
  • Click Ok to add or Cancel to abort adding



  • To void observation is psychiatric observation, select the specific admission
  • On the right hand corner of psychiatric observation, select the specific observation
  • Right click and select Void Observation
  • State reason for void and click Ok to void or click Cancel to abort voiding

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