How to access Drug Library Editor?

To access drug library editor, use the following methods:

  • Click Inventory Task Panel. Click Inventory Item in Task Pane Command

  • Click Inventory Menu, select Drug Management Home

  • Drug Library item list will be displayed in the drug library editor. It is displayed in chronological order in a table format with headers (Item ID, DescriptionQty on Hand)


How to add new drug?

  • To add a new drug. Do one the following:
    • Click Task  and click Add New Drug

    • Or Right-Click mouse, click Add New Drug

    • or Select Inventory menu, select Maintain Drugs, Click Add New Drug

  • Input the necessary information into the fields provided (Item ID, Item Name, Remark, Route type, Location, Service type, Preferred supplier, Costing method, Last unit cost, Dispense/bill in, Sales price, Purchase in(Pack), Cost per pack, Per contain, Min stock level, Qty on hand, Reorder stock level, Select checkbox required(Packable, Standard), Default Dosage, Frequency, Indication, Precaution, MIMS Type and description(in the General Information tab. Note: Item ID, Item Description, Service Type, Dispense/Bill in and Purchase In (pack) is compulsory to fill in.

  • Select Bill of Material tab if the new drug consists of a concoction of 2 or more drugs. Triple Click on the column below Item ID and drop menu will appear with list of drug items. User can find the drug item faster by typing the item keyword under Item ID/Description.
  • Double Click on the specific drug item or Click Select to add the drug item. Click Cancel to cancel adding.
  • User can select the specific added drug item and click Remove to remove added drug item after adding.

  • Click Save to save or Cancel to cancel progress. Click New to create another new drug.
  • Navigate through the drug list by clicking on the arrows located on the top left of the window

  • To edit a particular drug, click on Edit
  • Else, click on New button to continue adding new drugs
  • Click on Close to exit the Drug Library Editor

How to use search function?

  • To search for a particular drug item. Do the following:
    • Enter the item name or ID of the drug item into the field provided and click Search button
    • Else, leaving it blank and click on Search and it will display the whole drug list

How to edit/delete drug?

  • To edit, select the intended drug and do the following:
    • Double-click mouse on selected drug
    • Or click on the selected drug's Item Description

    • Or click Task button, select Edit Drug

    • Or Right-click mouse, select Edit Drug

    • Select  Inventory menu, select Maintain Drug, click Edit Drug

  • Click Save to save changes made after editing, otherwise click Cancel to cancel editing and Close to close the editor.
  • To delete, select the intended drug and do the following:
    • Use Delete key on Keyboard
    • Click Task button, select Delete Drug

    • Right-click mouse, select Delete Drug.

    • Select  Inventory menu, select Maintain Drug, click Delete Drug

  • Click Yes upon receiving confirmation to remove, otherwise click No or Cancel to cancel deleting.

How to build/Unbuild drug?

  • *Note: Drug must be an assembly to build/unbuild*. Select drug with the assembly item image displayed and do one of the following:
    • Click Task button, select Build/Unbuild

    • Right-click mouse, select Build/Unbuild

    • Select  Inventory menu, select Maintain Drug, click Build/Unbuild

  • After clicking, the build/unbuild editor will appear.

  • Click on New
  • The editor will display the necessary item related information and the components used
  • To build, do the following:
    • Select Date
    • Tick Build
    • Input reference (if any)
    • Input Qty to Build [+] 
  • To unbuild, do the following:
    • Select Date
    • Tick Unbuild
    • Input reference (if any)
    • Input Qty to Unbuild [-]
    • Click Save to save or Cancel to cancel progress
  • To continue building assembly item, click on New and repeat steps mentioned above
  • To edit, click on More and click build/unbuild list
  • Select build/unbuild item and click on Edit
  • Select build/unbuild item and click on Delete to remove assembly item. Click Yes to confirm deletion
  • Click on Close to close the editor

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