How to access to MIMS FastTrack?

  • To access MIMS FastTrack, click Inventory >> MIMS FastTrack.


  • This is the overview of the MIMS FastTrack menu. User can search for item and change MIMS warning setting here.


  • To search for item, first select the MIMS type - (Product, GGPI, Generic Item) and type in the item name then click Search. Or simply click Search to view all items.

  • To change the warning settings, do the following:
    • Right click and select setting



  • Or click Task and select setting



  • MIMS Setting will pops out.
  • User can select the require checkbox ( Drug, Health, Duplicated, Allergy ) and choose Drug Severity, Health Severity, Duplicated Severity from the drop menu provided
  • Click Ok to proceed or click Cancel to close

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