How to access to Radiology Result?

  • To access to Radiology Result, do the following:
    • Select the specific Radiology Request, right click and select Radiology Result



  • Or click Task and select Radiology Result



  • Or from control task panel, click Radiology >> Radiology Result



  • Or from Radiology Menu >> Radiology Results



  • This is the overview of the Radiology Result. There are four sections ( Request Header Information, Image List and Additional Files, Settings and DICOM Information, Preview )



How to use Request Header Information section?

  • The Request Header Information display information regarding the Request Date and the Examinations. It is link back to the specific Radiology Request user have selected.



How to use Image List and Additional Files section?

  • The Image List and Additional Files section allow user to import image and attach document files to it.
  • To import click on Import button, select the image ( must be in DICOM format )
  • To remove the imported image, click Remove. *Note: It will be remove along with the additional files attached to it*

  • To attach additional files to the image, click on the Additional files tab.
  • To import additional files, click Import and select the desire file to be attached
  • Once the file is imported, user can click Open to open and view the file
  • To remove the imported file, click Remove



How to use Settings and DICOM Information section?

  • In the settings tab, user can adjust the image level and the width. The adjustments are at its maximum by default.
  • Click and hold on the  and move left to right to adjust them
  • Click Save As to save the image after adjustment to a new file
  • Click Reset to reset the adjustment to default


  • In the DICOM information tab, user can see what is the image size and the image bit depth



  • To view tags, click on View Tags and DICOM tag viewer form will pops out.



How to use Preview section?

  • Preview section preview the image imported by the user automatically once the image has been imported.
  • Users can select the desire size (Fit to page, Actual size) of the image to suit their needs.
  • Click Full Screen to view the image in full screen mode

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