How to check Laboratory Results?

To go to Laboratory Results, use the following method:

  • Click Laboratory, Select Lab Results

  • Or click Lab Results menu, Select Laboratory Test Result

  • Or on the Lab Test menu, select the specific request and right click then select Laboratory Results


  • Or click Task and select Laboratory Results

  • Investigation Details tab will be displayed by default
  • User can fill the investigation Detail Result using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Document or manually enter the results in Investigation detail tab or the combination of both of them

  • To edit investigations of the request manually, select specific item then right-click and select Edit Mode.
  • Upon click editing mode, user enters to editing mode and user can Add new items and Delete item.

  • To add items to the investigation, right-click and select Add New Item
  • The item drop menu will appear and user can choose item to be added and click Ok to proceed or Cancel to close.

  • To remove items from the investigation, right-click and select Delete Item
  • Click Yes to delete, otherwise click No or Cancel to cancel deleting

  • Click on Save Results at the bottom right corner or right-click on the investigation test item and select Save Results
  • Click Yes to confirm saving, otherwise click No or Cancel to cancel saving.
  • Results that are saved will be view in Lab Tests under Completed Lab Test section

  • To utilize OCR documentation, click the Document tab

  • Set the Document date
  • Select the OCR document from destined location by click (…) button (file is to be in .txt. format)
  • Rename the file if needed
  • To save document, click on Save Document
  • To view document, click on View Document
  • To delete document, click on Parse Document


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