How to work with Treatment Arrangement?

To access treatment arrangement home, use the following methods:

  • Click under Patient Management Task Panel, click Treatments. User will be directed to Treatment Arrangement


  • Or click Treatment Task Panel. Click Treatment Arrangement in Task Pane Command

  • Or click Treatment Menu, select Treatment Arrangement


  • This is the overview of Treatment Arrangement. All of the details that are display in the four section (1) Treatment Arrangements, 2) Treatment Days, 3) Treatment Drugs and 4) Lab Test Packages) are link from Treatment Master and Treatment Details.

  • Select the specific treatment type in the Treatment arrangements list if there is more than one.

  • Tick the Check boxes of the conduct stat in Treatment Days. Then click Update button and a message stating “Schedule Conduct Status updated” will be shown

  • If the users wish to cancel/void the treatment schedule, click Void and state the reason for void then click Ok. Otherwise click Cancel to abort voiding.

  • Under Treatment Drugs, Tick the top checkbox to select all treatment drugs or tick the checkbox of a specific treatment drug to select that drug only. Click Print Label button if user wants to print the drug label.
  • Click Void button and state reason for void then click Ok if user wishes to cancel/delete the drug. Otherwise click Cancel to abort voiding

  • Click Update button to confirm the drug and a message will pop out stating that the specific drug has been confirmed.

  • Under Lab Test Packages, user can select the specific package code to be void or update and also to confirm the package
  • To void the package, select it and click void. State reason for void and click Ok
  • To update the package, select it and click Update.
  • Select the check-box to confirm the package

  • Upon updating, a message will pops out to prompt user  regarding the confirmation of lab test . Click Yes to proceed or click No to abort confirmation. *Note: The package will appear in Lab tests once its updated and confirmed*

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