How to create Vaccination?


To access Vaccination, use the following methods:

  • Click Patient Task Panel and click on Vaccination

To add Vaccination, use the following methods:

  • Right-click on Vaccination Home and select Add Vaccination
  • Or Click  and click on Add Vaccination

  • Fill in the necessary information into the fields provided – (Date, Vaccine, Dose, Consult Doctor)
  • Click Save to save, Click Cancel to cancel saving.
  • Click on New to continue adding Vaccination issued. Click on Edit if there's a need for changes. Click on Cancel to cancel. Click on More to Print Vaccination Report
  • Click Close button or   to close the Vaccination Editor

Search Vaccination

  • From Vaccination, use the following method:
    • If For currently selected patient is selected, do make sure that patient is selected before hand
    • If For any patients between date range is selected, select the date range for Vanda to do search
    • Click   to start searching

Void Vaccination

  • From Vaccination, use the following method:
    • Search Vaccination Issued by Patient or Date Range
    • Select the intended Vaccination
    • To void, simply right-click and click on Void Vaccination

  • Key in the reason of voiding the person.
  • When user is done, the status will put a X and indicate the reason of voiding at Void Reason column.

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