How to create Appointments?

To add a new Patient, use the following methods:

  • Click Patient Task Panel. Click Appointments in Task Panel Command.

  • Click Appointments on Menu bar. Select Appointments Home.

  • Add Appointments tab is the default tab for Appointments Home.

  • Click New button .
  • Select a date to designate for appointments under Appointments At
  • Insert Patient Name. This field is similar to Patient Search as it is able to search existing patient in the database by name
  • Select a Visit Purpose, Time and Remarks (if any).
  • Click  Button to save appointment or
  • Click  Button cancel to cancel appointment.

Day View 

  • Click Day View tab or double click the appointment that is featured on the Future Appointments listing.
  • Day View is presented in Table format where the rows represent the time (15 mins) and the columns represent the doctors. The content will be aligned accordingly based on the appointments recorded.
  • Double-click on the appointments to view records.

User can use the Add To Block List feature to block certain time slots or dates that they are not available.

User can use the Add Notice feature to add Notes to time slots as a reminder.

  • To add block list for that specific date/time,
    • Right-click on the time slot and right-click Add To Block List
  • To add block list for  longer time/hours,
    • Click and drag your mouse to the time slots, while holding on to the left click, drag the cursor till the end of the designated time slot and right-click Add To Block List
  • Similarly, it applies to Remove From Block List and Remove Notice
  • Vanda will prompt that the user is not available for the particular time slots blocked

Month View 

  • Click Month View tab to view past or future appointments by month
  • To Block date(s), right-click on the date(s) and Click on Add to Block List
  • Appointment booking will not be successful if user have set the particular date(s) under Block List
  • User can also add notes for a particular date for reminder purposes
  • Similarly, user can Remove from Block List and Delete Notice by right-clicking on the dates that have been set


  • Click Search tab to search through Appointments Database
  • Input Patient's NameDoctor's name and Appointment Date range and click Search button.

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