How to register new patient?

To add a new Patient, use the 3 following methods:

  • Click Patient Registration in Menu Toolbar.

  • Click Patient Task Panel. Click Patient Management in Task Panel Command. 
  • Right-Click Frame Editor, then Click Register New Patient

  • Click Patient Management on Menu bar. Choose Register new Patient


  • Fill in the necessary fields in the General Info tab in Patient Registration Editor. It is the default view for Patient Registration Editor. 
  • To add a photo of the patient, just click on the box (No Image).




  • The Physical Facts tab will contain information for Patient Blood GroupSmoking intensity (if applicable) and Alcohol Consumption (if applicable) 
  • To assign a diagnosis to current patient, select the available diagnosis from the list of left grid and click Add Diagnosis
  • The Selected diagnosis will show in the right grid. To remove from the list, select the diagnosis in the right grid and click the Remove Diagnosis button
  • To select the treatment type for the patient, select the available treatment type from the list of left grid and click Add Patient Diagnosis Treatment. User can only add treatment type if diagnosis is added 
  • To remove from the treatment type for the patient, select the treatment type from the right grid and click Remove Patient Diagnosis Treatment.



  • The Indication tab contains information that doctors may want to know more about before treating patient. To add indications, just fill in required field of selected patient. User can write a remark (if any) at certain fields that requires more of doctor' attention.
  • Click Save to Save and Cancel to cancel progress.



  • The Allergy tab contains information for patient’s drug allergy. To add drug to the allergy list, click Add. Select or type in Allergy Name. User can write a remark with regards to allergy (if any)
  • Click Save to Save and Cancel to cancel progress
  • To edit, Select the drug from the list and click Edit button
  • To delete the Allergy drug of the patient, click Delete button
  • Drug Allergy will be displayed on the Patient Tag Information when the patient is in the queue.

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