How to utilize Patient Quick Picker?

  • Click File Menu >> Show Patient Picker or
  • Press F10 to open up the Quick Picker window.

  • Users can also click on the  shortcut located on the main window of Vanda Clinical Management System.

  • Patient Quick Picker is a standard module across all versions for users to call upon previous registered patients 
  • Select an option to Search Patient By (Inmate No, Inmate Name or NRIC/FIN)
  • Click on Text tab, key in the patient’s name into the field provided

  • The Patient Information Summary indicates the patient’s details (Inmate No, NRIC, Name and Age) will appear when user search for that single patient.

  • Select the Consult Doctor from the drop-down list.
    • Usually, the doctor’s name is based on the doctor in the clinic for that particular day or in some clinics, the specialist or GP who attends to the patient's issues

  • For the Visiting Purpose, select and click on the checked-box for the purposes of visiting.

  • Type in any Remarks if necessary.

  • Click Add to Queue to add patient to the queue, 
  • Click Details to view patient's information, 
  • Click Select to add patient without adding to queue
  • Click Cancel to cancel savings

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