ElderlyCare Desktop Application

Download & Installation

Request for a trial version of ElderlyCare Desktop Application by emailing us at support@magicsoft-asia.com. To extract the files, download winrar. The application caters to elderly/patients who are listed under intended caregivers who are using the ElderlyCare Online Portal. This is ideally for those who are either staying alone or requires ready assistance.

To install, double-click on the setup.exe.

Click on Next to proceed.

Select destination drive and select Everyone option.

Click on Next to proceed.

Wait for the installation to complete.

Click Close to exit.

Next, download Skype. If required, kindly assist the elderly for the installation and signing up for an account as it is compulsory for Skype to be installed for the Elderly Desktop Application to be working.

Elderly Assistant

Go to Start >> All Programs >> Magicsoft Asia Systems >> Elderly Assistant Demo to run the program. Do take note that prior to this, Skype must be up and running, with the elderly signed in. The agent will then prompt through skype to allow access. Click Allow.

The elderly system will be displayed on the taskbar. Right-click on the icon and select Open.

Insert the elderly's IC no. into the field. Note: Caregivers who are using the portal should input the same IC No. on their side; else it would not work. Check/Uncheck Auto run when system starts and click on Take care of me to confirm.

Elderly will be able to receive notifications and calls from caretaker after this setup is complete.

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