ElderlyCare Online Portal

Table of Content:

Registration & Login

ElderlyCare Online Portal can be accessed via http://www.elderly.medicare-asia.com. The portal is created to facilitate monitoring of elderly patients ideally who are staying alone or requires ready assistance. 

New users are to register for a new account. To do so, click on Create your new account in no time. In an instance where user has forgotten his/her password, kindly click on Forget your password?

Fill in the necessary information on the fields provided and click on Create My Account and proceed to log in.

The homepage is displayed by default upon a successful log in. The home page also displays upcoming remote monitoring date and time as a reminder once patients are added to the list.

Account Profile

To access Account Profile, click on Account Profile. This module allows the user to edit or update user information. Users are required to put their Skype ID into the field provided. Click here to download Skype. Once done, click on Update My Profile or click on Change My Password to change password.

Elderly Under Your Duty

This module allow users to add, edit or remove elderly patients under his/her care. To add, click on the +Add. Fill in the necessary information in the fields provided. Next Check Date is for users to add the date and time for remote monitoring. Upcoming and future remote monitoring will be listed under the home page. Click on Update My Profile when done.

To edit, simply double-click on the name of the elderly patient and to remove, select the intended patient and click on -Remove.

To edit, simply double-click on the name of the elderly patient and to remove, select the intended patient and click on -Remove. Click on Notify to send a notification to the selected elderly. The notification will appear on the elderly's desktop, laptop or tablet if they have installed the Elderly Care Desktop Monitoring System.

Click on Monitor to automatically trigger a call from your Skype (must be logged in) to the elderly patient's Skype (likewise, must be logged in and have installed Elderly Care Desktop Monitoring Systems). If both hardware supports video call, both users and patients alike can opt to using video calls.

Elderly Vital Sign Readings 

This module works similar to VandaCare's Personal Readings. Select the patient's name from the drop-down menu, and if any readings were added, it will be displayed. Users are able to add readings for Blood Pressure, Temperature, Glucose, Oxygen Saturation, Cardio and Body Mass Index by clicking each tab. Click on + Add New to add or - Remove to remove. To edit, double-click on the intended reading.

Users can also search readings by selecting the dates located below the patient's name drop-down menu. The Monitor shortcut is also added here to minimize the steps/processes to monitor an elderly patient. These readings will then be automatically generated into a chart which can be either printed out or exported to different file formats with the made available buttons within the charting perimeter.

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