Scenario 6: I billed the wrong patient, invoice is created. What should I do?
Problem reported by Support - July 16, 2014 at 12:15 PM
Employee Post
Jane was not awared that she selected the wrong patient when she is doing the billing. 
So when the invoice is printed out, she only realised it is wrong when she see the patient's name.
Firstly, invoice cannot be deleted. This is for audit reasons.
The resolution to this issue is to void the invoice.
In order to void the invoice, you have to delete the receipt first.
Go to the Payments, look for the transaction receipt. (Click on the checkbox For Current Selected Patient if you have a lot of records)
Right-Click on the transaction receipt no. and Delete Payment.
After the receipt is deleted, you may proceed to the selected invoice to void it with a reason.
Go to Invoice Search, look for the invoice no. You may click on the checkbox for Selected Patient Only to search easily.
Right-Click on the Invoice no. and Void Invoice.
*You may confirm the void by searching for Search By Status “Voided”.
Then you may carry on to create a new invoice for the correct patient.

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