Scenario 1: I’ve just turned on my PC and Vanda not able to run
Problem reported by Support - July 9, 2014 at 9:56 AM
Employee Post
Betty, a staff nurse, turned on the PC and run Vanda Clinic Management Systems in the morning. But after multiple clicking on the desktop shortcut, Vanda has still yet to run. Betty called in Magicsoft Asia Systems support for assistance as she had waited for 30 minutes for Vanda to run.
Tech Support: Based on our study, this issue usually occurs on older PCs. As the PC boot into Windows, the system is starting and running core services in the background. Thus, at times, nurses tends to click on Vanda the moment they see the desktop. When they found out Vanda is not running after their initial clicking, they usually will click on it.
Sometimes, even spam clicking. Doing this doesn’t help. To solve this issue, go to Windows Task Manager. To do so, right-click taskbar and click on Start Task Manager.
After which locate Vanda.Client.exe. It should be showing something similar like the image below:
You are able to see that there are multiple of Vanda.Client.exe running. End Process all Vanda.Client.exe and try running Vanda from the desktop shortcut again.

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