Scenario 19 : What is a package and how do i perform a dispense?
Question asked by Support - April 3, 2017 at 5:50 PM
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Package consist of several service items bundled together which allow dispensing as a single item. Service items in a package usually have their specific service item listed and quantity defined during the creation of a package. However, for some customers, their package requires flexibility to be able to choose what service item are to be dispensed and the quantity it is dispensed on a treatment. 
Scenario A:
My package consist of 4x treatment and a list of service to choose from to perform for each treatment. Does Vanda offer the flexibility to allow us to choose which are the services to dispense for the treatment?
1. Create the package under MasterData>Package List.
2. Then create a service item called "Treatment" and input the quantity as 4.
3. Click "OK" to save the package.
For service package purchased, the active treatment can be found under Package & Service dispense tab.
Under Active Packages/Services, user can select a treatment to dispense.
In the dispensing window, click "add service item" to input all the necessary service items to be included to the treatment.
All item dispensed will go into the Completed Packages/Services tab.  
Scenario B:
My package consist of five different service item, 1 quantity each.
1. Create the package under MasterData>Package List.
3. Add all the five service item into the package and set quantity as 1.
4. Click "OK" to save the package.
Under Active Packages/Services
User can select any service items to dispense.
All item dispensed will go into the Completed Packages/Services tab.
You may refer to this link for package dispense guide.

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