Scenario 15: I'm looking for a clinic assistant which is able to centrally manage my 5 Clinics. Can Vanda do that?
Problem reported by Support - January 7, 2015 at 3:13 PM
Employee Post
Dr Wang is looking for a clinic assistant which he can centrally manage his 5 clinics (branches). He would also want to share the patients amongst all the branches and each branch will manage its own inventory.
Tech Support: If you’re looking at a clinic assistant software which supports multi-branch, then look no further. The multi-branch concept allows users of Vanda to create as many branch as they like (subjected to amount of branch license purchased).
By opting for the multi-branch concept, the patient/customer database is shared. That means Branch A is able to see Branch B, C, D and E’s patients without much hassle. Some of the master data is also shared so users do not need to configure it for every branch.
The only module that isn’t shared is related to inventory/drug items. We believe that this should still be managed by individual clinics as the amount dispensed or new inventory/drug items purchased might only be exclusive for 1 branch.
Also, if you’re concern about the security, fret not. The user access rights are still in place. Meaning, if a user has only access to 1 branch, he/she will not be authenticated to log into other branches. 

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