Scenario 7: Patient did not spend more than $500, why is she shown as a member in Loyalty Web Programme?
Problem reported by Support - August 11, 2014 at 12:52 PM
Employee Post
Ms Jones did not spent more than $500 but her name is reflected inside the Loyalty Web Programme.
This is due to a changed in the receipt date. If the receipt date is changed from eg. 24 July to 23 July manually, it will lead to membership module finding an incorrect current member according to member end date, and calculates its points.
Current membership’s end date is 23 July 11:52 (2015) as captured by the system.
On 24 July 10:10, user change receipt date to 23 July 10:10, and then current member will be updated to 23 July 10:10(2015). When this member consumes again after that, Vanda think the latest member is on 23 July 11:52(2015) mistakenly. But total points was stored that member on 23 July 10:10(2015).
So this member’s total point is less than one in fact. It will be better if we do not to change receipt date.

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